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What is a politician, but one who believes men are but sheep and forgets his place among them.

Always Assassinate Caesar
Black Rose Revolution

Sorry to Geek :/

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 23, 2013, 3:03 PM
My obligatory post on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. I know many of you watch for the politics, but I'm a long time nerd as well, and a long time whovian. So, I geeked out when Tom Baker showed up on screen. Hell, I geeked a little when I saw that scarf on that girl, because I had hope they would go somewhere with it, and they did. Wish he offered 11 a jelly baby. 

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Skargill 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Happy Birthday.
Happy Easter, and Happy Birthday. DRAWING. :heart:
catpuck Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hi! wanna join my group called anti-illuminati-01? anti-illuminati-01.deviantart.…
ComradeSch Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I have made a petition against obamacare and privatized health insurance. Please take a look:…
ComradeSch Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
If I'm right, the black rose is a poke at the war of the roses, used to express that you're an anarchist-socialist?
Early Happy Christmas, Kooks!
codyrush Oct 28, 2013  Student Filmographer
Dude, you can't inundate me with feminist rhetoric when I'm blocked from responding (Yay, censorship! Fuck Freedom of Speech! Wooo!). If you want to discourse via notes, you're welcome to, but your Chinese menu long thesis isn't something I can directly address.
The-Laughing-Rabbit Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
First, I would like to mention, telling me to read a particular book is not debating. If you make the argument made in the book, use the evidence provided, and cite the book as a source, that's one thing, but simply asking your opponent to read it, is poor form, and does nothing for your point. 

I would like you to cite your sources for your statistics btw. I for one have heard the contrary, that single mother's have been hit the hardest. A combination of poor or non-existent access to reproductive health services, Insurance premiums being higher for women 1 which isn't even counting the added cost of maternity coverage, as well as the gender wage gap, where women are paid 80% less on average for the same job and level of training,2 as well as often being pushed off into lower paid positions. 3

also, the idea that men must hide their feelings and aren't harmed by women is an idea of patriarchy. Patriarchy insists that women are inferior, and thus weaker and can't harm men, which is why men are often embarrassed to admit spousal abuse.  Women however, are often reject from society, blamed, or assaulted when they come forward against spousal abuse or are often economically dependent. 4  

Again, as with war, men are assumed to be stronger, however, military studies have shown that the real gap is psychological not physiological, which can again, be explained by the fact the patriarchy reinforces the idea that women are physically inferior to men, even though there is no medical explanation for the physical fitness gap. This also applies to women being rescued, as women are again viewed as weaker and in need of men to protect them.

Once again, in the case of the pedophilia, patriarchy is to blame. The whole "boys will be boys" excuse for everything from rough housing, to rape. That men somehow can't control their sexual urges. 

One a side note, I do disagree with his blocking policy. 
codyrush Oct 28, 2013  Student Filmographer

 Sigh. Firstly,  I did cite my statistic, extensively. Whether or not you're willing to listen to a books on tape sitting right on my profile page isn't for me to walk you through. I can only offer so many Lincoln logs  before I have to leave you to build the cabin. And actually it's not a poor argument, it's an argument period. It's a cogent statement backed extensively by facts cited from a verifiable source/s...I don't know what else you're looking for, a power point? Dr. Warren Farrel is a legended former feminist turned egalitarian and men's rights activist. The information on the "wage gap" is in his Toronto lecture. My source is the professional.

 Also nothing you've said  barring those four sources on one issue is backed by anything period. Also you're using journalists I'm using actually dyed in the wool professionals, not tourists to support my claims.  So kindly don't posture that I'm somehow throwing numbers and names into the ether: I gave you sources and I gave you my arguments extrapolated from that intel. You however seem to be content to spit rhetoric with nary a source to its name. You're peddling sound bites, sir; and adding a lot of "I heard's and 'studies have shown's with nothing in the way of evidence. Even now you're just spitting more sound bites and slogans. Nothing--save those 4 links, in the way of substantial, verifiable facts.

 Patriarchy, patriarchy, patriarchy. That's all you feminist can say. How 'bout standing up to someone who won't buy your college-wrought twoddle? PROVE IT. If you're going to affront me for having a penis then I want to see some damn good reasons why I shouldn't write you off as a hate monger, a misandric and a self hating mangina, drunk on the psychological pornography that is chivalry.

 Incidentally, I don't approve of him blocking me. I think he's a fucking coward and a fascist and a hypocrite who can't stand up for his own opinions. I didn't inundate him , I was discussing something with you: something as a commentator I had a right to do.

 He said "feminism is the idea that women are people" when that is simply a falsehood. Feminism is not egalitarianism; they are not the same, that's a lie. Feminism is a political group that believes in theorems like patriarchy and rape culture as its academic bedrock: both of which are laughably inaccurate, as any historian worth his salt can tell you. Rape has never been, in western society, been endorsed: it has always, always, always been vilified. The definition of rape has been refined but that doesn't mean it was ever deemed acceptable in the U.S.

The-Laughing-Rabbit Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry, but you cited a book. as for my cites, a few were thesis's by college students studying these exact subject. 

also, loosing privileges is not equivalent to being oppressed. going from 80% likely to be picked for a job because you have a penis, to 60% likely is not oppression. 

also, some forms of rape, is seen as an act of aggression on weaker women, and thus why it is frowned upon, even then however, you'll see a significant amount of victim blaming going around, such as the case of the media's tears for those boys who raped an unconscious girl and talking about how their lives are ruined, yet neglecting the serious psychological and social impact on the victim. There are also the "she's asking for it" argument , usually in regards to women wearing revealing clothing. Also, the kind of rape that is not looked down upon, and even celebrated is rape that involves other forms of pressure and means of coercion, like the classic, getting a woman drunk to have sex with her. Anyone drunk is not in a state to be making rational decisions, so how one give consent in such a condition. Frequently, women are put in the position where the man, and even society, feels that she somehow owes the man sex, which is the oh so frequent "friendzone" nonsense. She don't owe you sex for being friendly, she owes you her friendship for being friendly, and that's why y'all are friends. Sure, she may have a bad taste in guys, but that's her decision now isn't it?

also, chivalry is kind of based on the idea that women are inherently weak and need defending, which is also kind of sexist.
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